Real Time Temperature

Temperature in real time of a given location

Posted by Smability on March 24, 2015

Monitoring temperature in real-time

Data retrieving from a smability node, temperature in real-time

Fig. 1. Sensors and Actuators platform

A) Temperature data panel retrieves sensor data and activates the log file session.

B)Every minute, the temperature sensor logs the current temperature. The log file is the basis to construct the database and data analytics.

Real-time information is collected by sensors deployed in critical areas. Information can be displayed to the end user. The example above shows the current temperature at a given location

Real time temperature, Dgo. Mex

Daily data plot temperature

The example below depicts the temperature profile of one particular day acquired from a smability node deployed in Durango, Dgo. Mexico. With data constantly being streamed, plots and analytics can be generated using the smability platform

The dataset below shows real time temperature that is being acquired from a smbality node deployed in Durango, Dgo. Mexico

Temperature dataset