Imagine a World with all critical variables being displayed

People will get to know up to date critical information

Posted by Smability on January 03, 2015

Smability Overview

In Smability we believe that measuring critical variables in real-time and streaming it to the cloud can provide the “democratization of data”. (Democratization of data refers to data that is being share with all types of users).

With smability nodes deployed across certain critical zones, data can be acquired and displayed in real-time in devices such as smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, among others.

Scope: a) Measure critical variables in real-time. b)Provide and democratize data to third parties, (e.g. government, consultants, general public, private agencies, etc.) c) Develop an open sensor data platform. d) Based on a specific sensor variable of interest, the platform will provide critical sensor data for 3rd party users to develop data analytics or software applications

Smability is an open sensor data platform that retrieves critical data in real-time from its wireless sensor network. With this information, problems such as traffic congestion, parking demand, water management, etc. can be better understood, and better decisions can be made

Network Architecture

Smability architecture: 1) Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) 2) Gateway for the wireless sensor 3) Cloud services 4) Web-application

Fig. 1. System Architecture

Smability Parking

Parking on facilities: Users can see in real-time availability of free spots in a facility Users can reserve a parking spot in a facility Users can pay with their smartphones for the use of a parking spot

Fig. 2. Parking in facilities

On street parking: Users can pay parking meters with the use of their smartphone Users can get notifications on their smartphones and pay for extra time

Fig. 3. On Street Parking

Example of Network system deployed

Fig. 4. Example of Network systems deployed